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Always upfront with our quality care...



Initial Visit - Chiropractic + Nutritional Evaluation

60 minutes  ($300)

Initial Visit - Pediatric (up to age 12)

30 minutes  ($150)


Initial Visit - Functional Wellness/Medicine

30 minutes  ($150)


Initial Telehealth - Functional Wellness/Medicine

45 minutes  ($225) with Dr. Jen Padrta

Initial Telehealth - Functional Wellness/Medicine

45 minutes  ($225) with Dr. Fabi Polivka





Office Visit

<15 minutes ($80)


Extended Office Visit

>15 minutes ($100)


Emergency After Hours Office Visit

>15 minutes ($225)


Reactivation Office Visit 

30 minutes ($150)

(Note : >6 months since last visit)

Telehealth - Functional Wellness/Medicine with Dr. Jen

15-60 minutes  ($35-195) 

Telehealth - Functional Wellness/Medicine with Dr. Fabi

15-60 minutes  ($35-195)



Diathermy (1 area)

15 minutes ($20)

Dry Needling (1 area)

10+ minutes ($35)


Dry Needling (2 areas)

10+ minutes ($50)


Intersegmental Traction Table

15 minutes ($15)


Intersegmental Traction Table - PREPAID 4 visits

15 minutes x 4 ($10 each = $40)


Celluma Light Therapy Treatment

30 minutes ($30)


Celluma Light Therapy Treatment - PREPAID 3 visits

30 minutes x 3 ($25 each = $75)


Celluma Light Therapy PRO Device - Purchase

$1625 includes 20 hygiene barriers and shipping when ordering directly from our office

(MSRP $1795 without barriers and shipping)


Celluma Light Therapy (HAIR) RESTORE Device - Purchase

$945 includes 20 hygiene barriers and shipping when ordering directly from our office

(MSRP $995 without barriers and shipping)


Integrative Bodywork/Massage with Mandy Loope, LMT

Energy Healing with Body Code and Emotion Code with Jayme Brown, CTA (Chiropractic Therapy Assistant)

Massage and Raindrop Therapy with Heather Hickman, LMT




October 7, 2023 - Learn to Muscle Test Workshop (limited to 20 people)

October 7 - November 11, 2023 - Hypnobabies Childbirth Class Series

November 4, 2023 - Essential Oil Class - Basic 101 (limited to 20 people)

*Check back for more workshops that will be scheduled throughout the year.




Blood/Urine Labs (prices include phlebotomy fee)

Complete Blood Count (CBC) - $27

Lipid Panel - $37

BioBasic - $111

BioVital - $131

OptiChem - $140

OptiPlus D - $233

OptiCardio Plus - $279

BioComprehensive - $289

OptiThyroidl II (includes 6/10 thyroid labs) - $365

Optimal Female Health - $489

Male Panel - $279



B-Type Natriurectic Peptide (BNP) - $150 (helps identify potential for heart attack)


***More labs are available. These are just examples of the ones Dr. Padrta often uses.***


Genetic Labs

(samples are always destroyed)

$349 - Labs ONLY (available online or our office can send you the kit)

$195 - Telehealth to go over the genetic results - 45 minutes


Saliva Labs

Heavy Metal and Minerals - $215

Cycling Female Hormone (11 days of samples) - $350

Extended Cycling Female Hormone (11 days of samples + LH & FSH) - $425

Post Menopause Hormone - $210

Male Hormone - $220

Extended Male Hormone - $240

Parasite Panels are available (pricing varies)

Gastrointestinal Panels are available (pricing varies)

Toxic Mold and Final Panels are available (pricing varies)


$50+ (pay radiology facility directly)



$550+ (pay radiology facility directly)

Medical File: Request for Review 

Pages 1-10  ($30)

Pages 10-30  ($50)


Email Correspondence 

Simple clarification (yes or no answers) - $0

Billed by Doctor’s time - $25/5 minutes

Full Response with Recommendations - (require online scheduling E-mail or Telehealth appointment)


(new items coming soon)

Butterfly Express Essential Oils - Family-owned and high quality, but inexpensive essential oils

Celluma Light Therapy PRO Device or (HAIR) RESTORE Device - contact us for better in-office pricing 

Cephaly - Migraine pain relief AND prevention

Designs for Health Supplements - High quality supplements and I love their Nattokinase for spike protein support and long COVID symptoms.

EMF Protecting Solutions - Real solutions that work. I personally use these products and can feel the difference in my home and office.

FULLSCRIPT - Order over 200,000 supplements online for same day (before 3pm) and FREE shipping over $50 

Maximized Genetics - Find out what your genetic nutrient deficiencies might be, best exercise, best types of fats, etc.

Noboso - Stretching and minimizing plantar fasciitis, supporting toes and minimizing neuroma pain.

Norwex - We have many of these natural cleaning items in the office or can be ordered same day. Call or text us.

Oral Breeze Shower Water Flosser (For everyone who wants to keep their teeth!)

Pillow Cube  - Great for side sleepers and those with shoulder problems

Soul Insole - Great support for arches, running impact absorption, plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, flat feet, etc

Standard Process - Order directly (for patients ONLY: 67RU3P)

Walk-In Lab, LLC  - Order your own labs!

We Feed Raw - Raw and grain-free dog food

Young Living Essential Oils - I've used these oils for 20 years and especially love the Thieves cleaning products

ZUMA - parasite detox


  • Appointments MUST BE rescheduled 24 hours or more before the appointment.

  • Appointments cancelled (and confirmed by us) less than 24 hours of the appointment will incur a $40 fee.

  • Appointments missed will be charged the appointment fee: $60-80.



  • We do not take insurance, nor give receipts for reimbursement.

  • We will accept payment via HSA/FSA, credit card, check and cash.

  • We keep our fees low in order to serve everyone and you won't have someone in a call center, rationing your healthcare.

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