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Always searching for quality products to make your life easier...


(new items coming soon)

Alaskan Wild Caught Seafood - Enjoy the quality of wild-caught Alaskan seafood with the convenience of doorstep delivery

Butterfly Express Essential Oils - Family-owned and high quality, but inexpensive essential oils

Brillia - Homeopathic Remedy to Reduce Anxiety, Hyperactivity, and Impulsivity in Children, Teens & Adults

Celluma Light Therapy PRO Device or (HAIR) RESTORE Device - contact us for better in-office pricing 

Cephaly - Migraine pain relief AND prevention

Designs for Health Supplements - High quality supplements and I love their Nattokinase for spike protein support and long COVID symptoms.

doTERRA - Essential Oils, including Deep Blue and peppermint beadlets and a whole host of other products

EMF Protecting Solutions - Real solutions that work. I personally use these products and can feel the difference in my home and office.

Fascia Blaster by Ashley Black to release fascia, which can help with pain, inflammation and even cellulite. ProBlaster is my favorite.

FULLSCRIPT - Order over 200,000 supplements online for same day (before 3pm) and FREE shipping over $5

Maximized Genetics - Find out what your genetic nutrient deficiencies might be, best exercise, best types of fats, etc.

Noboso - Stretching and minimizing plantar fasciitis, supporting toes and minimizing neuroma pain.

Norwex - We have many of these natural cleaning items in the office or can be ordered same day. Call or text us.

Oral Breeze Shower Water Flosser (For everyone who wants to keep their teeth!)

Pillow Cube  - Great for side sleepers and those with shoulder problems.

Soul Insole - Great support for arches, running impact absorption, plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, flat feet, etc

Standard Process - Order directly (for patients ONLY: 67RU3P)

TCBGrass and molasses grain-fed beef and naturally-fed pork. 865-256-2121

Thrive Life - 25-year FOOD STORAGE without GMO and artificial junk + get 10-30% off by using this link

Walk-In Lab, LLC  - Order your own labs!

WAVwatch - A watch that uses sound therapy to help with common problems and imbalances in your body. Use code: DrJen100 for $100 off

We Feed Raw - Raw and grain-free dog food

Wild Caught Alaskan Seafood - Get $25 off your first order by using this link! 

Young Living Essential Oils - I've used these oils for 20 years and especially love the Thieves cleaning products

ZUMA - parasite, candida, heavy metal, lymph, kidney, liver detox and other natural body products

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