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Professional Information


Dr. Jen’s patients receive the care and advice that they deserve, as well as referrals to other specialists when necessary. She believes the more you know about your body, the better you can care for it.

Associate Movie Producer: DOCTORED

Past Instructor: Auto-Immune Conditions class for the 850-hour Yoga Therapist training at Be The Change in Irvine, California

Research Experience


Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's Disease) case study, paper, and dissertation



Doctor of Chiropractic, Life Chiropractic College West

Bachelor of Science, Liberal Arts, Excelsior College

Associate of Science, Chemistry, Saddleback College

Techniques / Certificates



Integrated Drop Table

Extremity Adjusting

Dry Needling


Respiratory Assist

Sacro Occipital Technique

Nutrition Response Testing
Applied Kinesiology
Natural Childbirth Educator

Childbirth Doula
Webster Technique
Total Body Modification
Neuro Emotional Technique

Applied Clinical Nutrition

The Emotion Code

The Body Code

Natural Hormone Balancing

AutoImmune Support

Professional Affiliations

Tennessee Department of Health - licensed
National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Post-Doctorate Education


The Bradley Method with the American Academy of Husband-Coached Natural Childbirth

Neuro Emotional Technique with Scott Walker, DC

Total Body Modification with Victor Frank, DC, NMD 

Evaluating the Role of Female Hormone and Adrenal Health with Rhonda Nelson, PhD, MH

Purification with Bruce Bond, DC, DACBN

Nutritional Fundamentals, Bruce Bond, DC, DACBN

Herbal Strategies for a Fertile Future with Lee Carroll, BSc, MH
Purification, Digestive & Intestinal Health, Inflammation and Acute Immune System Challenges with Bruce Bond, DC, DACBN

Female Endocrine Health with Ronda Nelson, PhD, MH

Male Hormones and Adrenal Health with Rhonda Nelson, PhD, MH

MMR Vaccines and Autism with Andrew Wakefield, MD

Nutritional & Herbal Support for the 12 Body Systems with Michael Dobbins, DC

Essentials of Nutritional Therapy with Jay Robbins, DC, DACBN, CCN

Attaining Hormonal Clarity with Michael Greer, MD

Contact Reflex Analysis® with Dick Versendaal, DC

Integrating Nutrition Into Your Practice with Chad Guess, DC

Nourishing Traditional Diets with Sally Fallon (Weston A. Price Foundation) & Kim Schuette, CN

Radiation Lecture: Fukushima - Reality or Myth with Ralph Grunewald, Retired Professor of Biological Sciences of Radiation at the University of Wisconsin

The Importance of Healthy Digestion and Strong Adrenal Function with Ronda Nelson, PhD, ND, MH

Foundational Principles of Health with Bruce Bond, DC, DACBN

Female Endocrinology: Supporting the Patient Endocrine System with Angela Hywood, ND, Dip Bot Med

The Digestive System: Supporting the Patient Digestive System with Ronda Nelson, PhD, ND, MH

Evaluating the Patient Presenting with Adrenal Challenges with Georgia Nab, DC, ACN

The Emotion Code with Bradley Nelson, DC

Shifting The Paradigm in Detoxification through Standard Process

The Ultimate Herbal Playbook with Kerry Bone and Lee Carroll, BSc, BHSc

Pediatrics in Practice with Peter Fysh, DC and Matthew Eurich, DC

Protomorphogens & Autoimmune Conditions with Michael C Gaeta, DAc, MS, CDN 

Functional Medicine: Brain Health and Behavior with Stuart White, DC, DACBN

Brain Injury & Neurodegeneration with Dan Murphy, DC, DABCO

Brain Systems and Behavior with Stuart White, DC, DACBN, CCN

Unraveling the Endocrine Triangle with Rhonda Nelson, PhD, ND, MH, CNC

Immunization Detox with Tim O'Shea, DC

Childhood Immunity and Nutrition Transport: The New Human Genome with Tim O'Shea, DC

The Physics of Sound Healing: Pythagoras to DD Palmer with Tim O’Shea, DC

Functional Blood Chemistry: Blood Sugar, Digestion & Liver Function as Seen on Common Blood Tests with Rhonda Nelson, PhD, ND, MH, CNC

DNA is Not Your Destiny with Joe Dispenza, DC

Solutions for Supporting the Gut Microbiome with Rhonda Nelson, PhD, ND, MH, CNC

Core Stabilization with J. Ray Weltch, DC

Adjustive Techniques with Robert Steiskal, DC

Immune System: New insights on Herbal Defense Support with Lee Carroll, BSc

Anti-Aging with Thumper Bloomquist, DC

Ethics & Law with Thumper Bloomquist, DC

Childhood Immunology with J. Ray Weltch, DC

Radiology Recertification with Jose L Serrano, DC, DACBR

Understanding ODG and Effective Case management with Ronald Farabaugh, DC

Extremity Assessment Adjustment and Rehabilitation with John Downes, DC

Ethics - Building Trust wit our Communities, Fabrizio Mancini, DC, FICC, FACC

Morphogenic Field Technique (Expanding and Balance the Human Energy Field with Frank Springob, DC

Chiropractic Neurology and Tradition with Tim O'Shea, DC

Top 5 Nutrition Assessment Techniques through Therapeutic Nutritional Techniques and approved by TN Chiropractic Association

The Autoimmune Solution:Preventing and Reversing the Autoimmune Process through Therapeutic Nutritional Techniques and approved by TN Chiropractic Association

Quick Response Nutrition through Therapeutic Nutritional Techniques and approved by TN Chiropractic Association

The Autoimmune Solution with Michael Gaeta, DAOM, MS, CDN

Upper & Lower Extremity Adjusting with Robert Fenell, DC

Dry Needling Applications and Protocols with Brad Hayes, DC

Master Dry Needling with Scott Dixon, DPT

Science Based Nutrition: Foundational Laboratory Analysis with Van D Merkle DC, DABCI, DCBCN, CCN

How Mold and Mycotoxins Burden Our Detoxifying Organs with Kurt Woeller, DO

Viscerosomatic Reflexes: Decoding the Causative Events in Dysregulation with Stuart White, DC

Toxicity as the Root of Biological Aging and Degenerative Decline with Christopher Shade, PhD

Clinical Principles and Applications of Effective Detoxification Systems with Christopher Shade, PhD

Chiropractic Brilliance: The Triune & Science with Stuart R. Humberg, DC

Assessment Techniques Using Heart Rate & Skin Variables with Stuart R. Humberg, DC

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