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Patient stories

Chiropractic allows the nervous system to function at it's optimum,
so you can 
continue to do what you love.

I’m laying here in bed... stupid hotel beds...and I’m thinking where I was a year ago! I was miserable! I was taking a bunch of medications my body didn’t want, or need! I couldn’t move, I was in pain all of the time. I was about to be an opioid story and I was missing out on watching my children grow. Today, a year later... I’m off all those drugs. My pain is minimal! I’m happy! My children have their mom back and my husband has his wife. I am more active than I have been in years. Thank you! Thanks for being you, and thank you for being my friend. I love you!


 - Pam, wife, mom of 2 and retired teacher - Reno, Nevada



Scott showed up in my office 22 days ago in a wheelchair, shaking and crippled in pain despite copious amounts of Morphine, Norco and Xanax. He had gone to the ER the night before for pain and I barely got him on the table due to how much inflammation he had. He couldn't sit in his wheelchair, as his tailbone was so painful. I did as much I could and he felt some relief immediately. 

I saw him the next day and the inflammation had decreased by 50%....and so had his pain. He continued to get adjusted EVERY SINGLE DAY. I also gave him specific supplements for his nervous system and his immune system to speed his recovery. 

Scott received flu and hepatitis B vaccines prior to anticipated travel to Asia. His feet began burning and then excruciating pain and the burning began to travel up his legs. His MD diagnosed him with plantar fasciitis and started him on pain meds. He woke up one morning unable to walk 7 months ago. Depression quickly followed when all of his hope had been taken away by no one knowing what was going on and having pharmaceuticals thrown at him, to see which might stick. I told him that my goal was to get him out of his wheelchair by Christmas. I had no doubt he'd walk again.

11 days ago, he officially stopped ALL meds on his own.

6 days ago, he started to exercise in his hot tub, as per my direction.

Today, he WALKED in to my office and I almost had a heart attack. We hugged and cried, while other patients watched, without a clue that just the day before he had come in the office in his wheelchair. 

Once back in my adjusting room he said, "You told me that you are usually more dedicated to your patients' health than they are. I couldn't let that happen."

He's not completely out of the woods, but it's quite amazing the power the body has when you let it express itself with proper life force and stop suppressing it with drugs. 

 - Scott, previously wheelchair bound and currently serving patients as a Chiropractic Physician in our office and in Cookeville, TN

When our third son was born, the doctor that delivered him, twisted him in such a way that gave us a beautiful picture opportunity. Unfortunately, it also caused him to have breast feeding issues. The little guy could not latch on at all. It was a miserable experience for us both. After seeing the pediatrician, two lactation consultants and even an occupational therapist, one of the lactation consultants finally recommended Dr. Jen. I was worried since my little guy was a premie and only 8 weeks old but, I was getting desperate. Dr. Jen was so kind to him and gentle. I knew she had two babies as well so, I gave her "the mother trust" to adjust him (even though I was terrified). In one adjustment, he latched on perfectly. I cried. What a blessing!


Since then, she has helped my family with many big and small problems and ailments. There have been many times we have gone to Dr. Jen instead of rushing to an ER or an MD's office. She is always ready to get to the heart if the issue, not just take care of the surface pain.


God has blessed us all with special gifts. Dr. Jen has been blessed with the gift of healing and the gift of teaching. She has taught my whole family, down to the youngest child, that God made our bodies to heal itself. Sometimes it needs a little tweak to help it, but we don't need a whole array of tests and toxins to make it all better. There is a time and a place for western medicine and Dr. Jen will be the first to send you elsewhere if you need it....but, listen to your body first.


Thank you Dr. Jen!

 - Heather, wife and homeschooling mom of 4 - Sweetwater, Tennessee



My then girlfriend (and her family) had been seeing Dr. Jen for years. I would accompany her to some of her chiropractic visits, but with my EMT background and being the owner of one of the largest ambulance companies in the U.S., I felt I didn't need a chiropractor. Then, my blood pressure(and subsequent headaches) got out of control and I decided I didn't want to be on the meds. I followed her advice and Dr. Jen helped me get my blood pressure back to normal without meds. I feel better than I ever remember feeling.


About 6 months later, my 11 year old son Dylan fell off the bars at gymnastics and had severe neck and back pain. I finally brought him in to see Dr. Jen. After his first adjustment, he was amazed at how well he felt. His back and neck felt better, but his brain felt clearer. It only took 3 adjustments and the pain was completely gone.

 - Ray, professional poker player - San Juan Capistrano, California



Dr. Jen Padrta has 'got your back'!  She's an extremely effective, committed, caring, patient centered provider of chiropractic, wellness and nutrition counseling services. The value that she brings simply cannont be confined to words. She is truly a gift to our community and her work is not her's part of who she is. 

My family has been with Dr. Jen for 3 years and we were referred by multiple friends and family members.  Since becoming a patient, I've been educated and empowered on family health and wellness and feel so grateful to have a provider teach, coach an work with me instead of just providing directives without face to face education.  I brought both of my children to Dr. Jen at just a few weeks old.  She adjusted them to soothe discomfort and assisted me with my nutrition while breastfeeding. My husband and I always say its like magic. Our kids sleep like angels and are so calm after a visit to the chiropractor.  

I feel that Dr. Jen has empowered me with knowledge and support as I raise happy healthy children. This model of care includes patient education and accountability. Every time my kids get sick, our first trip is to the chiropractor!  99.9% of the time we manage to mitigate the effects and duration of a condition or illness through adjustments, supplements and diet. As a huge bonus, her office management team is top-notch....totally a pleasure to interact with Shelly for all operational needs like sheduling, billing, supplement orders, etc.  

Dr. Jen approaches chiropractic with care and flexibility.  She is always working with patients/parents and designs her care according to where the patient is at that moment. I have never felt pressured to take any action or supplement and love that she honors every person's preference.

We love Dr. Jen!


 - Monique, Business and Systems Integration Senior Manager, writer and mom of 3 - Ladera Ranch, California



I have been a patient of Dr. Jen's since I was 15 years old. I was unhappy and unhealthy but looking for a change. Dr. Jen opened up my eyes and has sent me on a very healthy life path. It only took 12 years to fully listen, because I was that stubborn. I do not trust anyone else with my health and well-being other than Dr. Jen and her office. She is like family to me and I owe her for all my health and happiness today. I continue to book phone consultations with her because of the distance. Thank you!


 - Lindsey, wife and mom of 1, pregnant with twins - Bozeman, Montana



Dr. Jen, please know how much Grace and I appreciate your earnest care from day one with Grace. After many years and multiple miscarriages, we recognize how instrumental your knowledge and gifts were, in commanding confidence for us to attempt another pregnancy. We certainly praise the Lord for you and all that you have done, and continue to do with all of your passion and skill. Thank you again from our family to yours.


Baby M was born at home in water today - 9 lbs 3 oz, 22" long. Praising God for this most precious blessing and for a safe, fast and peaceful delivery!  

 - Damon, husband and dad of 2 - Irvine, California



Dr. Jen encouraged us to have the birth experience we (my husband and I) both wanted. She has since then, been a rock and backbone (pun intended) that I rely on for my family's healthcare...

After getting [my son] "popcorns" (adjustments) done, my son's energy and attitude did a 180.  He came into Dr. Jen's office screaming "NO!" and crying about EVERYTHING.  He left running out on his own little bare feet, happy and sweet.  The transformation was complete.  I had my boy back.  I love what chiropractic can do.  It's power has never been more evident to me as it has been seeing it in action with my kids.  It's not magic or faith or a belief system... it is powerful and I seriously don't know what people do without it...ESPECIALLY for their kids.  Thank you Dr. Jen.  We love you!


 - MaryBeth, Olympic pentathlete, mom and Doctor of Chiropractic - Brandon, Florida



During my first pregnancy with my son in early 2003, I had a chronic nerve pain down the left side of my hip. I told my OBGYN about it and she said it was normal and not to worry. However, when I couldn’t sleep because of the annoying pain, I didn’t anticipate another pregnancy as being an enjoyable experience.

My back had been hurting everyday for about 6 months when I found out I was pregnant with my second child. By noon everyday I would be yearning to lie flat on my back for the rest of the day.


I started seeing Dr. Jen and the back pain is gone. I am still amazed how regular chiropractic care eliminated all of the nerve pain I had in my first pregnancy! My second and third pregnancies were pain free and so much more comfortable. I'm able to keep up with my energized kids and sleep so much better at night.

Dr. Jen educated and encouraged me to try a drug-free birth. After my first birth with an epidural, which I really liked, I was hesitant, but after getting more information, I ended up having the next two babies drug-free in the hospital. It was completely worth it!

Thank you Dr. Jen for your love, passion and dedication to your work and your patients.


 - Amber, mom of 3 - Mission Viejo, California



I was referred to Dr. Jen by another patient when she first opened practice. My sister was 15 and having chronic pneumonia and chest infections. She was constantly sick and missing LOTS of school. I brought her myself and paid for her. Her lung infections stopped.


I became a patient of Dr. Jen's and have been coming ever since. I love my adjustments - they make me feel new again. In fact, recenty, I was having really bad allergic reactions where my eyes would swell shut and the inflammation would make it's way down the neck. Dr. Jen told me to stop eating Splenda. I did and then my fiancé slipped one into my coffee and I had a reaction. We had to test her, but she was right!!!! 

Dr. Jen is no nonsense and that's what I love.


 - Lauren, realtor, pilates instructor, esthetician, wife and mom to 2 "bonus-children" - San Juan Capistrano, California



I met Dr. Jen when I was nine months pregnant. I was desperate and scared because I was being bullied into a "mandatory" c-section by an OB who specialized in high risk pregnancies. This was my third pregnancy; my first two pregnancies were big healthy baby boys consisting of 8 lbs. 10oz. and 9 lbs. 7oz. My second baby was born with a broken clavicle due to his shoulders getting stuck in my pelvis, so I was told. I assumed this was the truth because I am a size two and that was a big baby.

Upon meeting Dr. Jen I gained a new perspective on myself and the body’s capabilities. Dr. Jen adjusted my hips and put my pelvis in place and what a huge difference it made! I could feel the difference immediately. I could tell she was an amazing doctor that knew exactly what she was doing.

Next, Dr. Jen informed me that I could have this baby naturally/vaginally and that I needed to listen to my body. She armed me with knowledge way beyond what western medicine offers; which in turn gave me an abundance of confidence that I could deliver this baby naturally and without injury. She assured me that this baby would not be born with shoulder dystocia, like my last birth. Dr. Jen stressed the importance of not delivering on my back, that by doing the simple act of squatting, it would open my hips up by approximately 20%.

In addition to aligning my body, Dr. Jen gave me vitamins that helped my body's strength. She was right beside my husband and I when I gave birth to our beautiful 8lb 15.3oz. baby girl. Our healthy baby was born naturally without any birth injuries or the "mandatory" c-section. Dr. Jen knew exactly what she was talking about and as a result, I had the most beautiful child birthing experience even though it went against the doctors and specialists. Dr. Jen is truly amazing and I will never be able to thank her enough!


 - Debi, wife and mom of 3 - Ladera Ranch, California


My 12 year old son Tyler was born with a condition called Schizencephaly. It's basically a form of cerebral palsy. Along with this condition, Tyler is legally blind and has epilepsy. We drove each month to see her from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Within the first 6 months of Dr. Jen's care, Tyler made tremendous progress. His vision improved from 20/200 to 20/75 in the right eye and 20/400 to 20/125 in the left eye. Tyler's poor vision was made worse with the fact his eyes shook uncontrollably, called nystagmus. Since Dr. Jen's been adjusting him, his eyes barely shake anymore. Tyler had been taking Depakote to control seizures for nearly 3 1/2 years. Tyler was properly weaned off all seizure medication within 2 months of starting care with Dr. Jen and has remained seizure free.

Within 11 months of starting care with Dr. Jen, Tyler rode his bike for the first time.

​Not only is Tyler a patient of Dr. Jen's, but so am I. She has helped me change years of poor eating habits and has kept me walking upright. Most people don't enjoy going to the doctor, but we look forward to it every month. Dr. Jen has changed the outlook of my son's life and for that I am forever grateful.

We still continue phone consultations and travel to Tennessee to be adjusted, even after moving to Idaho.


 - Donn & Tyler - Sandpoint, Idaho



I think I speak for most people when I say that I grew up thinking medical doctors knew it all. We are a society that holds doctors in such high regard; we don’t even trust ourselves to do what’s right for our bodies when we know them better than any doctor possibly could.  For me, this way of thinking was not even conscious; I just believed this and knew nothing different, but in 1999 when I was rushed to the hospital for a kidney infection, it all became clear.

Jen was my roommate while she was attending Life West Chiropractic College.  Little did I know my life was about to change forever.  In March of that year my body just started convulsing for no reason.  I was shaking so badly that even my teeth were chattering so bad that I could barely get them to stop long enough to speak.  Jen, a new chiropractic student, rushed me to the emergency room where I was told I had a very bad kidney infection. The doctor gave me a prescription for antibiotics.  Jen (against her own wishes) took my prescription to be filled, (to date, I think this is the only money she’s ever spent on drugs in her life), came home and set the prescription on my dresser.  She said, "You know, you have a choice.  You don't have to take this medication.  My parents can ship the supplements you need to me tomorrow that will heal your body and you can take them instead.  I know you are used to taking drugs when you’re sick, but you have a chance to trust your body, if you want to take it.  You think about it and let me know."  Well, I must admit I was afraid to trust my body because I never had before.  Jen didn’t say anything to persuade me; she just gave me the facts.  In the end I decided to take a leap of faith and trust my body

for the first time in my life.

Jen’s parents, Dr. Thom and Dr. Nancy, sent the supplements and the next day I started taking them.  I was overwhelmed at first because there were 4 different supplements and a total of 15 pills a day that I had to take.  That was a shock since I was so used to taking one pill a day from my doctor when I was sick.  I got used to it though and made it part of my morning routine.  Ten days later, I returned to my doctor’s office to take a urine test to see if the infection was gone.  The doctor came back and told me it was gone and I was totally fine.  I had the satisfaction of looking at the doctor and saying, "And you know what?  I never even touched that medication."  The doctor sat there stunned, saying that was impossible.  I told him it wasn’t at all; I gave my body the tools it needed to heal itself and it did.  I thanked him for his time and practically floated out of his office.  I felt so empowered and free.  From that moment on I decided to take my health in to my own hands.

The next thing that happened was the following month in April.  I had my annual pap smear and was told it came back as Class 3, and that I had precancerous cells on my cervix that had to be surgically removed.  I had the surgery and when I went in for my post-op pap smear my OB/GYN told me that more cells were found and needed to be removed.   The diagnosis was A.S.C.U.S. or "Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance".  This is a category that OB/GYNs lump everything into when they’re not sure what it is, (as told by my OB).  I decided that I did not want to have more of my cervix removed so I asked Jen what I should do. She told me to take specific vitamins for a month, then go in for another pap smear.  I did this two months in a row and each time the number of cells lessened until it eventually went down to a minor irritation of the cervix that my OB/GYN said could have been caused by my laundry detergent.  The third month I went in for my last pap and it came back normal.  That was years ago and they’ve been normal ever since.

When I get sick sometimes I go to my medical doctor first and tell her what’s wrong just to see what her diagnosis is and how she treats it.  Then I go to see Dr. Jen.  Since 2000, I have not gone to a medical doctor and had them diagnose me correctly and fix the problem, but Dr. Jen has never let me down.  I have not been able to stump her yet.  One time I even came in while still getting over an illness and before I had the chance to tell her so, she said, "You’re fighting a virus.  Let me adjust you and then take these for the next two weeks to allow your body to fight it off naturally." 

Another time I had been struggling with my hormones for about two months and was having symptoms that mirrored PMS-type mood swings all month long.  I went to my doctor first and she told me I probably just had some severe mood-altering PMS symptoms that lingered and she prescribed Sarafem, (an anti-depressant).  I tossed that in the trash and as always, I called Dr. Jen.  She saw me the next day and within 60 seconds she figured it out.  She said, "Your pituitary gland is not working properly" and she told me what to take. By the second day I felt like myself again and I couldn’t believe it!  The dosage eventually went down until I didn’t need it anymore because my pituitary gland started working again.  Here we are years later and I have not had any problems it.

She not only gives me specific supplements for specific deficiencies, but she adjusts me to allow my body to function better, which allows me to be healthier and absorb the supplements more efficiently.


 Amy - Colorado Spring, Colorado



I suffered for 15 years with severe lower and mid back pain from high school sports. I would be useless for weeks on end. I was prescribed pain medication that led to stomach pains, which led to more medication for acid reflux, which finally damaged my esophagus.


When I finally came in to see Dr. Jen, I felt drastic and immediate relief in my back. I followed her advice completely and took the specific supplements she told me to take and came in to get adjusted as she advised.


I feel like I am finally able to walk through life and daily activities without crippling pain. I have a much more positive outlook on life. I've learned that my body is fully capable of healing itself, as long as I take care of it properly.


 - Heather - Tustin, California



We had never heard of taking an infant to a chiropractor before our son's pediatrician, Dr. Sears, recommended we see

Dr. Jen. He suggested chiropractic care due to our six week old son's restless & discontent behavior. Our son never seemed settled. We thought he was becoming colicky. In addition, his stomach was hard and bloated all the time, even though he was breastfed.

After his very first adjustment from Dr. Jen, our son seemed so much more content. We noted the difference that very night. It was like he was finally able to be calm and still - which he never was before.

Within a week of using the supplements and following the dietary guidelines Dr. Jen gave, his stomach became soft and no longer felt hard or looked bloated. Seeing Dr. Jen has made such a difference for our son - we don't know what we would have done without her. We only wish we had taken him sooner!


 - Matt & Kelly, mom to 3 and teacher - Aliso Viejo, California



After a back injury at work, and one year of doctors just giving me pills – medicines for pain, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories, etc., I was up to 57 pills per day. A good friend took me to see Dr. Jen and just the drive over to her office brought me to tears of pain.  After the first adjustment, I actually walked out of her office with a smile on my face.  Now, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t an instant miracle, but I wasn’t in the same pain going home. After a few visits with Dr. Jen, a healthier diet and some natural vitamins and supplements, I started to eliminate the medications I was taking. After over a year in severe pain, I can honestly say that I feel like my old self again.

Thank you Dr. Jen for giving me my life back again!


 - Louise - San Clemente, California



I had migraines for 6 years and heartburn for 3 years before being referred to Dr. Jen. I was given pills and even observed overnight in the hospital, but I never received any relief. Within the first month of seeing Dr. Jen, I stopped getting migraines and my heartburn had decreased significantly. Dr. Jen has taught be to be more aware of my body and how to take care of my body better. I feel like my eyes were opened for the first time.


 - Ernie - Tustin, California


A chance meeting Dr. Jen changed the direction of my entire life.
I was so sick during my pregnancy that I had to be hospitalized multiple times for hyperemesis (extreme morning sickness and vomiting). I met Dr. Jen at a childbirth class and we began to talk about her previous home births and my situation with the hyperemesis. I decided to come in and see her as a patient in November 2007, as I was exhausted all of the time, ate tons of sugar and I never drank enough water. My health immediately changed. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after the adjustments – physically AND emotionally. Dr. Jen was the only person who listened to me and actually heard me. She empowered me to make decisions based upon complete information rather than fear-inducing partial information. She never pushed me to make any choices based on what she wanted or what my OB wanted, but rather based on what I wanted.
I fired my OB who had no faith in my body (My OB told me that I would need an episiotomy, a warmer for the baby and the baby would most likely need to be vacuumed) and hired a midwife mid-January 2008. I continued to see Dr. Jen and in fact, received an adjustment on February 11, 2008 and that night I had a wonderful home birth. Two weeks later, we moved to Oregon.
Our residence in Oregon included many phone consultations with Dr. Jen helping us through illnesses, mood changes due to lack of sun and overall general health. In late 2009, we found out we were pregnant and hired a midwife. I found a chiropractor in Oregon who adjusted our family, but I really needed Dr. Jen. She flew up mid-May to adjust my family. I gave birth June 1, 2010 at home – another wonderful home birth.
Following the birth, I took my son to a pediatrician, knowing that I didn’t want to vaccinate right away.  He told me I was going to watch my son die in my arms if I didn’t vaccinate. I almost gave in, even after all of the research I had read….on both sides of the aisle. I left his office shaking and in tears that I was almost bullied into vaccinating my son. Dr. Jen and her staff were there to calm me down.
While completing my Bachelor Degree in Oregon, I realized that I wanted to become a chiropractor. It was something I was passionate about. In July 2013 my family and I moved to Northern California and began chiropractic school.  I finished Chiropractic college and am empowering women the same way Dr. Jen empowered me!


 - Fabiana - mom of 4 and now a Chiropractic Physician in Lenoir City, Tennessee who specializes in pediatric chiropractic



The phrase "you’re a lifesaver" gets thrown around a lot, but really, there is no other way to describe Dr. Jen.


I have seen Dr. Jen for many years (since 2006) and for many reasons. I wish I could remember every little thing Dr. Jen has done for me however, my most recent situation had me scratching my head, as to how she knows just what to do and how to fix what ails me. I walked into her office with a laundry list of things that were bothering me, turns out most of that list was connected. The major things were that I was having problems with long periods and terrible cramps, anxiety, not sleeping at night and waking up not feeling rested. Despite a Paleo diet and working out 5 days a week, my weight loss had stalled. She suggested I consider taking out the Paraguard IUD that I recently had put in. She also suggested I start the Standard Process 21 Day Purification Program as soon as possible. Since Dr. Jen has never steered me wrong, I immediately began the SP Purification program and made an appointment to have my IUD removed.


I followed the purification instructions to the letter and regularly checked in with Dr. Jen. Within a few days I was sleeping through the night and was waking up feeling rested. My energy level was up and my workouts were beginning to be fun again. My next period came and went without crippling cramps and my cycle was back to normal. The best part? I was losing weight again. After the 21 days were over I continued with a strict paleo diet with some things removed as per Dr. Jen’s instructions. I continued to check in regularly with Dr. Jen with phone consultations, since I live so far from her.


Now that I was feeling better and had so much new energy, I decided to step up my workouts and added days and extra running. I began to backslide back to sleepless nights and low energy. I contacted Dr. Jen and we discussed changing up my workouts and literally, 2 days later, I was sleeping again.


Checking in with Dr. Jen seems to be the most important thing I can do for my health. I don’t always like what she suggests and I’ll be the first person to admit I complain about every suggestion, but at the end of the day she is always right and I do as she says. I really don’t see another option, I can choose to be miserable or I can choose to be well. I really like feeling great and with Dr. Jen’s help and guidance it’s all possible. I don’t know how she always knows Maybe a super hero? Someone get her a cape!!


 - Cyndee - San Jose, California



I have been seeing Dr. Jen to maintain my health for years, as well as for health issues that come up.


Recently, I was suffering from bad allergies and had a migraine. With a quick adjustment, my migraine immediately disappeared and my scratchy throat lessened until it disappeared, as well.  


Dr. Jen also has the most amazing whole food supplements. I have been on a natural supplement regimen for the past few years. I rarely get sick and always have tons of energy to get me through my work day. After decades on thyroid medication, I have been able to feel better than ever without it AND my labs are normal!!!


Dr. Jen is an amazing healer and truly a blessing in my life. 


 - Katie, mom of 2 and owner of Flawless Skin & Body - Dana Point, California and Austin, Texas

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