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Chiropractic Physician (in proGRess)

Professional Information


My mission is to empower each of us to unlock the extraordinary world of energetic and spiritual healing through chiropractic care. By promoting a safe, comforting environment we can achieve individualized health goals. With gentle and compassionate support, facilitating and transforming personal growth in my patients is my passion. The power of holistic healing manifests unimaginable renewal that inevitably improves one's overall wellbeing by allowing the body’s innate ability to heal to be fully expressed, which is my aspiration for each of us. Connection can lead to healing.



Doctorate of Chiropractic - Life University 

Bachelor of Science, Clinical Laboratory Science - Michigan State University

Bachelor of Science, Medical Laboratory Science - Michigan State University

Techniques / Certificates

Bio-Geometric Integration

Diversified Technique 

Thompson Technique 

Gonstead Technique 

Sacro-Occipital Technique

Network Spinal Analysis

Toggle Technique 

Nutrition Response Testing 

Extremity Adjusting

Applied Kinesiology


Professional Affiliations

Tennessee Department of Health - in process 

National Board of Chiropractic Examiners - in process

American Society of Clinical Pathologist, Clinical Laboratory Science - licensed


Post Doctorate Information

Bio-Geometric Integration I with Jacquline Segura, DC 

Bio-Geometric Integration II with Liliana Warner, DC 

Bio-Geometric Integration III with Jacqueline Segura, DC

Bio-Geometric Integration 4M with Jackie Manfre, DC

Bio-Geometric Integration Osseous with Katina Manning, DC and Jacqueline Segura, DC 

Bio-Geometric Integration Business with Liliana Warner, DC 

Bio-Geometric Integration Cervical Workshop with Liliana Warner, DC and James Duga, DC

Syntropy B Adjust Anywhere with Patrick McMahon, DC and Aaron Morris, DC 

Hypothalamic Reset with Michael Chance, DC 

Standard Process Roadshow with Michelle Wesley, DC, CFMP and Julie Johnson, DC, CFMP

Nutrition Response Testing

Craniosacral Technique for Chiropractors with Eric Rubin, DC

Muscle Testing Workshop with Jen Padrta, DC, ACN

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